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Bend has a new description

You can add a new term to your lexicon: "Zoom towns." These are scenic places experiencing a surge of house hunters. Booming demand comes from workers freed by the pandemic to work from home long term. 

Bend has been named the top Zoom town in the west. The pandemic has super-charged an already hot real estate market. 

Relocation Instead of Vacation

For many the definition of travel changed dramatically in 2020. Forced to work from home, people realized that the pandemic provided them a new way of seeing the world - by relocating. People can now choose to live in a place that provides a high quality of life without losing their jobs.

Google Northwest

Business unusual. Over 25% of tech sector wants permanent work from home. Both mom and dad need a place to work that is devoid of distractions. It is highly likely that the kids won’t be returning to school any time soon. That means that they too will need a place to study remotely. Is your home and property adequate to accommodate your family’s remote work and learning requirements? Suddenly we need to consider our family’s safety when we are choosing the best surroundings to not only shelter in place but to find a place to shelter in peace.

Best Backyard Golf Holes - Golf Digest

In 2008 we received a phone call from Golf Digest. "Our magazine, Golf Digest, would be interested in featuring your backyard golf course in our upcoming article called "The Best Backyard Golf Holes." Would you be interested in our photographing your golf course for our article?" 

Home on the green

Breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountains can be seen from a golf green in Bend that rolls both quick and true. Two bunkers are perfectly manicured with a light-brown sand that accepts a wedge with ease.  The approach areas are pristine, grown with bentgrass that offers perfect lies.