Bend Oregon

Staycation at its finest

Where you live has never mattered more. Bend, OR is the place for you and your family to dream and thrive. This property offers you more than shelter in place. It offers shelter in peace.

Bend has the highest average number of sunny days in the State of Oregon. Luckily you have 18-1/2 acres for outdoor entertainment. The only problem is deciding which fun activity you will choose. Shooting some hoops, playing volleyball or maybe you prefer playing badminton, all of which are equally enjoyable. Hey the kids and grandkids are coming for a visit. What about setting up a golf tournament or having a contest who can hit the most golf balls into a hoop from 90, 60, 30 yards out. You just got your 10 year old grandchild a drone for Christmas. Great opportunity to safely practice her skills in large, wide open spaces without complaints from the neighbors. 

Maybe your 5 year old is just learning to ride a bike. You can rest assured that he can safely and securely master his bike riding skills or skateboard on your ľ mile of driveway. All gated, of course. 

Remember when kids used to build tree forts? Unfortunately with our high density housing dominating most of our cities, the good trees were taken out to make room for more homes. You are in luck with this property. Never counted the actual number of trees on this property, but there are many many mature ponderosas and juniper trees to take your pick. A wonderful and memorable project to share with your kids or grandkids.

I know Iíve left out a number of fun activities, archery comes to mind and target shooting. All possible, of course. 

The point is that the only limitation is your imagination. Have fun and enjoy the outdoors in your own private space. 

In this ever changing world that we find ourselves, we have the freedom to redefine our personal space. Don't settle on being satisifed, instead choose to be gratified.

This property offers the  perfect permanent staycation. You deserve it.