1300 sq feet for the Car Collector

A Car Collector Needs Dedicated Space

You are going to love the Sports and Car Barn. A true car enthusiast would never consider allowing his most prized possessions, his car or motorcycle collection, be exposed to the elements. He needs a place to tinker with them for hours. Most importantly, he needs a place to admire and show off his collection to his friends. 

Never had the time before but now you do. Nothing is better than buddies, beer and car talk.

This 1,300 sq foot, double height, five bay “barn” with mezzanine has large windows and Northwest Contemporary style. One bay is double deep for boat or RV storage. Three large garage doors in storage bays. Workshop area with work bench under mezzanine. Mezzanine has large, upper level windows on both sides. One bay with sliding glass doors suitable for half-court basketball, workout or golf practice.