Entertainment Room with Wetbar

OK, so youíve already practiced your yoga, played badminton, polished all the bumpers of your collector cars, kicked all the tires, now what? Relaxation time. You deserve it. 

Letís go into the entertainment room and play some pool. No? How about we sit in these super comfortable captain chairs and watch some PGA golf? Cheer as loudly as you want for Phil Mickelson to make the cut or for Justin Thomas to win the sudden death playoff. Let your kids and their friends play video games. No one will hear. This space affords you total privacy and bliss for a real retreat and escape from reality. No interruptions, talk, questions etc. Whoops, I forgot that this space also has awesome Cascade Mountain views and its own private deck. What to do, what to do? Cocktails on the deck? Itís your choice. There is a full wet bar where you can serve up frosty martinis, shaken not stirred with three jumbo jalapeno stuffed olives. Your own private happy hour.

Letís make this room work for your tastes and interests. If you decide that this room is best for a trophy display and bragging about your 31 hole in one awards, pool room, sports television or private Apple TV programs that is up to you.  Great room to chill with the family in any way you decide. Entertainment room with wet bar. Private deck with Cascade mountain views. Some things are worth saying again.