Gentleman Farming in Bend, OR

Always dreamed of working the soil? Love to get dirt under your fingernails. Pull on your boots and bib overalls and get to work.

What is a gentleman farmer. It is often referred to as a hobby farmer but that doesn't seem serious enough. Sometimes it is called a lifestyle block or acreage living or rural residential. Whatever you choose to call it, you have the opportunity to pursue your life's ambition on this property. There is no such thing as retiring. It is more like moving on to your next adventure.

Country living is becoming a pastime rather than an occupation. Most often you would have to give up living close to local amenities such as shopping centers and entertainment. Not so at this property. You have the privacy of low-density living yet you are minutes away from important amenities. 

You wouldn't be the first to choose Bend as the idyllic opportunity to escape the madcap lifestyle of city living. Many celebrities have chosen Bend as an escape to a quality of life they only dreamed of. Several years ago Drew Bledsoe and his family moved to Bend. He is now a major fixture in Bend and loves every minute of it. He owns a winery and serves his finest blends at his trendy private club located in downtown Bend. Cannabis farming is popular and lucrative in Bend for a reason. The climate is ideal for growing this crop. Jim Belushi owns and operates a thriving cannabis business on his 93 acre farm nearby. William Hurt relocated to Bend and grows hops that he sells to the 29+ craft breweries in the surrounding Central Oregon Cities. Maybe you decide to have a farm of poplars or alfalfa. Whatever you decide it will be easy to accomplish. 

Bend is renowned for its cool nights and sunny days which is classified as a semi arid climate. Perfect growing climate for an endless number of crops. You don't even need a green thumb. All you need is to add is water. That's taken care of because this property comes with 3 acres of water rights from Arnold Irrigation. Cultivate the soil, plant the seeds, turn on the irrigation and add sunshine. Now sit back and watch what you've created grow. Your life just keeps getting better and better. 

Check another box on your bucket list.