Zoom Peloton Yoga Workout Work

Getting your Zoom or Zen together

Are you a Peloton enthusiast? Crank up the volume with your favorite instructor and go for it. You have 484 sq feet of privacy to do whatever you enjoy most.  Love to practice yoga? Nowadays, the shelter in place rules make it difficult if not impossible to attend classes. The yoga studio allows you to practice privately or share your space with your instructor and friends. Plenty of room for proper social distancing. Whether you prefer hot yoga or yoga under the stars, this bright airy studio creates a welcoming mood that is a retreat from the chaos of the day. What better place to foster harmony in the body, mind and environment. 

The double glass garage doors allows the tranquility of the outdoor landscape to penetrate within.
If crushing a Peloton workout or practicing yoga isn’t your thing, maybe you’d prefer to do a Cross X workout, lifting weights, pushups, planks, TRX, stationary bicycling. Plenty of space to workout solo or with your buddies.
If you’re right brain dominant you might consider setting up your own private art studio in this 484 sq. ft. building. Art studios need lots of natural light. Whether you are painting a bowl of fruit or welding a work of art, the light streaming in through the many windows will make whatever you create into a masterpiece.
Need a private space for your kids remote learning? No distractions such as telephones, barking dogs, deliveries, visitors. Have your kids’ friends come over and learn together in a shared space. Desks can be set up the requisite 6 feet apart and of course, masks required. Sharing the learning time with their friends makes it much more enjoyable.
Model railroading continues to be a popular hobby. The biggest problem is finding the space to set it up. There are no space restrictions here. It boggles the mind to consider how elaborate a Lionel electric train system can be created in a 484 sq ft building. Perfect space for a true model railroading enthusiast.
The choices are limitless.