Central Oregon Work and Play

Bend has a Million Ways to Play

Google and many other high tech firms have officially informed its employees that working from home is here to stay. At least through 2021. The kids aren't going back to school any time soon. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Change your lifestyle for the better. No more long commutes on overly congested freeways. Hours lost that you will never get back. No more high density housing with neighbors peeking over your fence. Unfortunately it's taken a pandemic to get our priorities straight. Spending quality time with the family in your own, private retreat. 18+ acres to comfortably, and most importantly, safely shelter in place. 

Bend, Oregon is one of the safest cities to live in. Deschutes County has had only one Covid-19 fatality. Seize the moment and improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones.

Tucked between snow-covered mountain peaks and high desert plateaus, Bend has evolved from a sleepy lumber town to a mecca for people who crave the outdoors. The Cascade Mountains and the Deschutes National Forest are just minutes outside Bend. You can carve tracks on the snow covered slopes or cast a fly in the trout filled waters of the Deschutes River, or hike trails with soul stirring views fo the Three Sisters Mountains. You'll need your sunscreen because Bend has nearly 300 days of sunshine per year.

Back in town, afternoon temperatures are warm, so its off to the golf course. You can really be picky because Bend area offers more than two dozen scenic, challenging golf courses from the industry's top course designers. 

The Deschutes River runs through town welcoming anglers, rafters, kayakers and inflatable tubers. There is even a state-of-the-art Bend Whitewater Park with three separate channels for all skill levels. Experts will love the Whitewater channel that features four distinct man-made waves where you can test your mettle on a surfboard or whitewater kayak. 

Don't have a dog? You might have to borrow one if you want to fit in like a local Bendite. It is true that Bend has been named the dog-friendliest city in the country. Having your own acreage provides man's best friend his own, private dog park. There is lots of room to chase the ball, swim in the pond, chase squirrels or bunnies, whatever brings a smile to his or her face. You will have to explain to Fido why it took you so long to move out of the over-crowded city to this dog's (and your) nirvana.

Whether you and your kids are roasting marshmallows in your private fire pit, sleeping under the billion stars on property, building a tree fort, practicing your fly fishing in the casting pond, creating a gourmet cuisine for the foodies in your family, inviting friends to your special wine tasting, tasting beer from your favorite craft brewery you will find out that recess on this property never ends.