Master Bedroom Suite

Behind the solid 4' door your very own private oasis awaits you. Thirty three feet of windows provide you with a dramatic panoramic view of the mountain range. Two vaulted ceilings define the room. The bed space sits opposite a large stone gas fireplace and built-in bookshelves for your collectibles and your favorite books. Conveniently there is a bar with a built in refrigerator to chill your perrier and white wine. The connecting space is a large sitting area. A wonderful place to lounge and relax. The mountains seem close enough to touch. In the winter you can view the snow cats grooming the mountain slopes in preparation for the daily skiers. No matter what the season, it is special to watch the sun set behind the mountains. No day is like the other. 

There is a private deck outside your bedroom suite. The deck is my favorite spot to enjoy the wildlife.The flickers, nut hatches and hummingbirds don't seem bothered by your presence. They commonly visit to share a crumb of your banana nut bread or toast.  Deer wander aimlessly around the property. Heron wait patiently by the pond's edge hoping to score a fish for lunch. The osprey are not as patient and swoop down trying to carry off anything that they can grab. Certain times a year the golden eagles will pay a visit. There are two owls that nest on the property. Mom and Dad hang out with its young in the trees that are near the pond. They've seemed to accept us as friendlies. We all happily coexist together. 

The Master Bedroom is your own personal retreat that you can cherish just for yourself.